In old times there were no computers but then abacus was the first computers and then it slowly developed and then computers were very enormous filling up the whole room and leaving us with many disadvantages like it malfunctioned many times and certain heating problems it required air conditioning to cool then developed more with vacuum tubes and transistors then integrated circuits and microchips then it came to microprocessors and now they are all running on it and there are now many types of computers with the including mini, micro, mainframe, super. Computers in ancient times were mainly used for calculations. Micro computers are used now a days with mobiles and laptops most common because of their efficiency in smaller size. Laptops and mac repairs Melbourne have smaller processor according to their size. Laptops are generally used commonly across the globe and it is very useful, these things are very useful they provide with thousands of benefits if used for beneficial purposes. It can be harmful as well if used not used with care because everything has its good and bad use depending upon the user as user is the one who controls it and it gives user all access and features to use laptop it depends on user how he uses it or how he deals with it. It can be very beneficial for the user or could end up as a disadvantage for the user. Laptops can be useful in strong versatility and it is portable thus it can be carried anywhere you want unlike desktop computers where you can use it only at a certain location. Laptops contain a battery which can be charged anytime and desktops only run with electricity.

Laptops are very efficient and now taking place of desktops but still desktops are widely used but with upgraded specifications. Laptops can be carried anywhere. The social media is the thing which is widely used, social media can be easily accessed with the laptops for example Facebook, twitter, Instagram. Laptops are also used for gaming purposes with upgraded hardware and developing further. It is able to play heavy games very heavy games with the recent laptops. But the main disadvantage is that you cannot upgrade hardware in your laptop, it only comes with a default hardware which you cannot change. The problem of laptops malfunction is also becoming very common.

With a higher technology there are many problems. These problems also occur with the laptops like they get malfunctioned and is not easy to repair so there is a solution for that for any laptop data recovery, trusted computer repairs, mac repairs or computer maintenance.